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How to earn Money

This guide will show you all the ways of earning money, through the different modules that UnbelievaBoat offers. This is not from an admin perspective, so the features listed below will only work if it has been set up on said server.
To get more information on these commands, you should visit our commands page for the set-up of commands.

Income Commands#

Commands which always require user input for money

Work /work#

If you're looking to earn some easy cash, you can use the work command for some money. This command is the only income command that has no risk, because you are always guaranteed to earn money, unless it is set otherwise.

Work Command

Crime /crime#

If you fancy being a criminal today, and willing to take the risk, you can use the Crime command to earn more cash. Beware, you risk the chance of being caught & getting fined!

Crime Command - Successful
Crime Command - Fail

Slut !slut#

If you're looking to earn cash for some sexual acts, this is the command for it; take the risk and earn! Please note that most responses from this command are NSFW.
Note: This command is not currently available using slash commands.

Slut - Successful
Slut - Fail

Rob /rob#

Take the cash out of a innocent user's wallet. Pretty heartless, aren't you?
The rob command has a set chance of success/failure, which cannot be configured. The formula for this is [ your networth / their cash + your networth ]

Automated Income#

Commands which may not require user input for money

Role Income /collect-income#

Role Income is a way to reward specific roles with cash at a set interval. If an administrator has set Role Income in your server, and you have one of the roles that are set to receive income, then simply use the command. If a role-income is set up for @everyone, you will earn this money auto-magically.

Role Income

Chat Money#

You can simply earn money in channels where a server administrator has set up Chat-Money. What this essentially means is that you earn money for every message you send, (there is a cooldown between each time you'll be rewarded). If the server in question isn't yours, or one you moderate, you should check if the server you're trying to earn money on has this enabled.


Commands which consist of the risk of multiplying or losing your bet

Blackjack /blackjack#

In blackjack, aim for a hand value close to 21 without going over. Get two cards, and choose to "hit" for more cards or "stand" with your current hand. Beat the dealer's hand without going bust to win.


Roulette /roulette#

In roulette, you place bets on where a ball will land on a spinning wheel. There are various betting options, such as choosing a specific number, color, or range of numbers. Once bets are placed, the wheel is spun, and if the ball lands on your chosen bet, you win. Depending on the risk of your bet, your winnings may be multiplied.

Payout Multipliers:
[x36] Single Number
[x 3] Dozens (1-12, 13-24, 25-36)
[x 3] Columns (1st, 2nd, 3rd)
[x 2] Halves (1-18, 19-36)
[x 2] Odd/Even
[x 2] Colours (red, black)

The roulette board is listed below:


Chicken Fight /cockfight#

With the chicken-fight (alias. cock-fight or cf), you can bet on a chicken fight between your own chicken and another random chicken. By default, the chicken has a 50% chance of winning the fight, and winning a fight will double the bet that you put forward, and increase your chances by 1% for your next battle. Losing will mean that you lose all your money that was bet.
To start a chicken fight, you need to purchase a chicken in the item-store, if it was set up. Then, run the command.

CF Success
CF Fail

Russian Roulette /russian-roulette#

Russian Roulette is a game containing a risk of death; you, and anybody else who chooses to join your session, have a chance of not pulling the blank of a gun and being blown to pieces (and unfortunately lose your money).
All players entered have a equal chance of losing.

Slot Machine /slot-machine#

Slot Machine is a commonly-known method of gambling, by putting your money on the line in the hopes of three identical symbols all appearing in a straight line.
If you win, you will double your money. Though, if a server admin has configured this, you may find that custom symbols will pay out much more.

SM - Win
SM - Fail

Animal Racing /animal-race#

If you own a pet in your server, you can race them and if your animal wins the race, you will win money!
To begin, place your pet. If other people participate in the same race, (they must have the same pet as the person who begun the race), you can challenge each-other and see whose pet wins!