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Configuring UnbelievaBoat

Changing The Prefix#

This can be done by using the prefix command.
If you do not know the current prefix, you can mention the bot as a prefix for the command. Like this: @UnbelievaBoat#1046 prefix

Changing the prefix

Currency Symbol#

You can change the currency symbol using the set-currency command. This can be an emoji, however, the bot must have access to the emoji. Meaning the bot must be in the server where that emoji comes from.

Changing the currency

Income Cooldowns#

Income commands include work, crime, slut, and rob. You can change the cooldown of each one of these commands by running the set-cooldown command. The minimum cooldown is 30 seconds.

Changing the income cooldown

Game Cooldowns#

Game commands include blackjack, roulette, cock-fight, russian-roulette, and slot-machine. You can change the cooldown of these commands by running the set-game-cooldown command. This will allow you to set the amount of times a game command can be used in a set duration.

Changing the game cooldown

Default Settings#


You can reset settings back to the default settings by using the factory-reset command.
This cannot be undone.

Currency Symbol: unbelievacoin

Chat Money:

Min: 5
Max: 15
Cooldown: 1 minute

Game Cooldown:

Usages: 4
Duration: 5 minutes


Payout Min: 20
Payout Max: 250
Cooldown: 4 hours


Payout Min: 100
Payout Max: 400
Fine Min: 10%
Fine Max: 20%
Fail Rate: 35%
Cooldown: 4 hours


Payout Min: 250
Payout Max: 700
Fine Min: 20%
Fine Max: 40%
Fail Rate: 60%
Cooldown: 4 hours


Fine Min: same as crime
Fine Max: same as crime
Probability of Failing (cannot be changed): your networth / (their cash + your networth)
Cooldown: 1 day