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Why is role-income not paying out?

Role-income is no longer automatic#

Role-income no longer pays out automatically. This is due to technical limitations, and depending on changes from Discord it may come back in the future. However, you must now use the collect-income command to get role income.

Collect-income is not working#

If the collect-income command is not working:

  • Make sure you have waited the appropriate amount of time for the role-income duration
  • Make sure the role-income is still active. You can check this by using the role-income info [ID] command. If it is active, it will have an online symbol in front of the role. You can find the correct ID by running role-income list . If it has a red circle next to it, then it is disabled. This is likely due to also having the premium bot in the server. You can only collect income from the premium bot if it is in the server.