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Commands are not working

If your commands are not working you can try the following steps:

1. Sufficient Permissions#

Check if the bot has the View Channel and Send Messages permissions in the channel.

Permissions for bot

2. Correct Prefix#

Check if you are using the correct prefix. This can be done by pinging the bot and will tell you the prefix as long as:

  • You have allowed the bot to Send Messages in the channel
  • The help command is enabled

Pinging to find prefix

3. Command Enabled#

Check if the command is enabled.
You can do this by using the test command.
If it is disabled in the whole server, you can enable it using the enable command.
If it is disabled in just that channel, you can enable it by using the channel-override command.

Testing and enabling

4. Command Usage#

Make sure you are using the command correctly.
You can run help [command name] to see more information about a command.

Help command example